God’s Word Through African Eyes

Hundreds of millions of Africans know and love Christ. However, most Bible resources come from a Western perspective—cultures far removed from the reality of life in Africa. In order to help meet this urgent need, the Africa Study Bible (ASB) was created. The Africa Study Bible will combine the clear, accurate text of modern translations—beginning in English with the New Living Translation—with study tools that reflect uniquely African insights and experiences. Check out some sample pages from the Book of Genesis.

On the photo is Matthew Elliot, president of Oasis International, Ltd., and project director for the Africa Study Bible with one of the first complete printed copies of the Africa Study Bible in NetACT’s office. With him are Dr Lisa le Roux and Prof. Jurgens Hendriks, the contact persons from NetACT’s ranks who recruited writers for the ASB project (http://oasisint.net/africa-study-bible/).