TEA Conference


THEME: Public Theology in Africa: Taking Christian Faith into the Public Space
DATES: 22nd to 26th May 2017

The theme of the conference is the application of Christian faith to politics, economics, and the ethics of contemporary society. Christian theology not only trains men and women to enter the pastoral ministry, it also trains them to engage in public discourses generally. Theologians, who are trained in that way, often engage in public discourses on social, political, and economic affairs of society. E.g., Rev. Dietrich Bonhoeffer led Evangelical Christians in discourses against Fascism in Germany. TEA Conference 2017 is designed to offer theologians the necessary tools for engaging the contemporary society with the Christian faith, especially in the realm of politics and economics. Conference participants would be enabled and encouraged to make the theology they have learned accessible and relevant to those who are attempting to live out their Christianity in their daily
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