TBN’s gift of books to NetACT

Stellenbosch University and many of the other NetACT institutions, have received books from TBN (Theological Book Network) recently.

Six boxes of books were delivered to the Faculty of Theology and they have also received 3 terabytes of electronic books which they will share with their 40+ partner Theological Institutions in Africa via NetACT’s Internet Portal. What a great gift!

It was with great excitement that they unpacked the boxes, read through the titles and paged through the indexes. The books have been catalogued by the library personnel and are now being displayed on a separate shelf in the Theology library.

TBN has also sent books ‘by land’, providing theological institutions in Malawi and Nigeria with books as well, thanks to NetACT who helped to organize it.

Contact Jurgens Hendriks at hjh@sun.ac.za for more information.

PHOTO: Brandina Mbaya, 3rd year BTh student